Most Common Hard Drive Issues and Data Recovery

The originator of most of the problems is heat. Discs overheat, electronics suffer, and mistakes can cause mechanical failure later. It is important to properly cool the discs. During summer heat, the number of service hits is increasing each year.

Let's go back to data recovery topic. Heat to system not only affects hard disk drives but also CD / DVD drives, memory cards and even USB flash drive.

To encounter problems with the disk, in the first place, it is necessary to find a fault. The computer tried to load the system. If an electronic fault occurs, the computer must be immediately disconnected from the power supply. Shortcuts can spread even further and cause even more damage. If you test the disk on any PC you can damage another disk, so be careful not to "destroy" valuable data even there. Learn more about HD data recovery at

We do not connect problem discs directly to your computer. We have a special tester available to determine if there is a disk error or a computer error.

In this case, it is very complicated to identify the fault. Errors are often combined and there may be a number of bugs on the disk. We recommend disconnecting and disabling such a disk as it may easily tear the disc head, which can physically seriously damage the recording medium.

In these cases, the rescue of data is successful about 80%. We often encounter similar (cyclical) defects for which we already have a methodology for data reconstruction. For new cases, however, we need to create a new workflow and stimulate our own research. However, there are times when we, too, are hesitant to restore all the data.

Depending on how the disk is damaged. However, when it comes to the unknown, where we have to do our own research, it can be several dozen hours. Sometimes we have to literally search the sector by sector for saving one file and we search for the key words from the file.

Encrypted files usually have a high degree of secrecy. But people often forget their passwords, and so we meet them too. Of course, we guarantee 100% discretion to all our clients.

The price depends on the fault itself. Of course, if we are not successful, the customer does not pay anything. Learn more about computer data recovery at

Use better sources, regularly clean your computer from dust and do not underestimate the cooling of computers and hard drives.