5 Creative Ways Of Displaying Photos In Your Living Room

The way your photos are displayed play a crucial role, especially when it comes to decorating a living room. If you arrange pictures in the right way, they can certainly convert your wall into a piece of decor. But one of the biggest challenges in creating a beautiful photo gallery is that the pictures we have are mostly clicked during different occasions.

These are the different moments of our life captured in different places and of course, using different cameras. Some of them may be black and white, while the others may be colourful and bright. In other words, they may vary from each other in terms of quality, size and colours.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them to decorate your living room. All that you need to do is create a perfect photo arrangement and to help you do just that below we’ve mentioned some smart ideas. Let’s take a quick look at them.

1.    Plan the arrangement before hanging them on the wall
It's always better to plan the arrangement of your pictures before putting them on the wall so as to ensure that you can position them at proper height and distance from each other. For this, you can use the hands-off approach wherein you’ll simply have to make pencil marks on the wall instead of directly creating nail holes.

And if you are getting confused about the size and spacing between the frames, you can try out a more involved trick. Use an inexpensive paper to trace the frame, cut out the tracing and place it on the wall to mark the position of each frame before nailing a hole. This way you will not only avoid making unnecessary nail holes in the wall, but also make sure that your landlord is happy, if you are living in a rented property.
2. Hang black and white photos together
Black and white pictures will surely be a part of your photo gallery if you wish to display moments from the late 80s’ and 90s’. So, it’s best to group black and white photos together, as they will help you create a clean and classic look on the wall whilst unifying all the old images. 
And if you have some old colour pictures that are not going hand-in-hand with the latest ones, then you can reprint them in black and white so as to maintain the uniformity with the rest of black and white collection.

3. Use matching frames
A group of mismatched photo frames may spoil the look of the photos as well as the wall. So, make sure you are buying matching frames to create a cohesive family photo gallery.

Now you might be wondering as to how will you ever find matching frames for the pictures that vary in size, right? Well, don’t you worry, as you need not have all the frame in the same colour or design. Similar looking frames with different colours and border can also work wonders if arranged properly.

4. Add some antique frames
You must have some special photos that are more important to you than the rest of the pictures, like the one captured while you were being awarded with a trophy for winning some sport or debate. Surround such special moments of your life in an antique frame. It will not only put the photo in limelight, but also create a sense of history in the display.

5. Anchor the display with a wall letter
Use of a wall letter in the picture arrangement is one of the most popular photo gallery themes used by many people these days. Now it goes without saying that the anchor letter is the first character of the family’s last name. Such type of playful addition will not only break up the monotony of photos, but also give a vintage look to the entire wall.

So, with these creative ideas on board, we hope you are pretty much ready to display your memories on the wall.

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