Which is better gold or diamond?

Every woman loves to dress herself up with ornaments. The ornaments not only make her look beautiful but also add more confidence to her overall appearance. Now when it comes to buying the correct piece of jewellery, we get confused about what to buy and these days the confusion is more evident between gold and diamond. In this article we would try to explore the world of ornaments and which one can work better for you.

The purpose served by both the ornaments is even though same, that is, to beautify you and the background to which they belong are quite different. Gold is more preferred in occasions which are traditional and worn more with traditional attire like sarees. 

Gold are the most preferred ornaments to be worn on the day of marriage as they give that royal look which no other jewellery can give.

 You can chose from a wide range of ornaments that are available in the market and for each ornament you would get variety of designs. There are wide ranges of gold ring design for women that are available in the market and you can get the one that you like the most. These days white gold are also in trend, the main feature of this metal is that they basically looks like platinum but the price is that of a gold.

 So if you are fascinated by platinum jewelleries then you can opt for white gold. You can also get some great designs for gold bangles, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. A traditional bride decked up with gold ornaments looks eternal and beautiful and nothing else can beat the looks of it.

On the other hand when we talk about diamond they are glittery and every girl’s best friend. They are white, clear and elegant and if you are someone who loves to go indo-western or prefers wearing fully western gowns then diamond is the thing for you. 

You would find a wide variety of diamond necklace designs along with earring to go with your evening gowns. The best part about a big and beautiful diamond necklace is that, it would attract all the attention towards itself and you would not have to put any more effort to dress yourself up.

 Be it engagement or anniversary, the current generation loves wearing diamond jewellery, if nothing else then at least a diamond ring. They are so pretty and evident that even the smallest piece would attract many attentions of people all round you.

Now if you talk about which one is the best choice for you, then it depends on two things. The first being your preference and the second being the occasion where you want to wear the jewellery.

 For a more traditional one, you can opt for gold whereas for any other occasion, diamond works the best. In case you are still confused, then buy gold jewellery that has small diamonds embedded in it. both of your preferences would be served at once.