How To Order A Wig?

Divatress make it Simple and Easy! They have all the options you could ever want. You will be selections such hair density, hair color, highlights, knot bleaching, hair style etc. If you know all your specs start shopping now! If you are unsure, browse the site and read the divatress blog to educate yourself.

How long will my new wig last?

Even though these are high quality wigs, they are not intended to last forever. Without the body’s natural oils to protect it, human hair will eventually become drier and more brittle. On average, you will need a new wig every three months or so if you wear it often. Some people replace their wig every six months and some every month. It is truly a personal decision. The newer the wig, the more vibrant the hair will be. Now with the more affordable options provided by Divatress it is best to replace as often as your budget allows.

Should I get stop paying full retail for wigs at wigs salon?

Absolutely! If you want to save money, get a better quality wig and not be at the mercy of others come to us. They are there for you.
Your prices will not go up when you re-order. You will pay the same price. They committed to keeping our prices affordable and low for you. Their  hope is this will allow you to afford to wear a fresh looking wig each and every day.

Can you copy my existing wig exactly?

Absolutely! Send it to us and we’ll be glad to have it duplicated exactly. You can even specify changes in base material, hair color, hair density, etc.

Will the lace match my skin color?

Their  laces and skins are transparent and extra light, allowing your natural skin tone to show through. Even if you tan during the summer, the wig base will remain invisible. They have wig lace colors to match all skin tones.

Does Divatress sell Hair Extensions?

Yes they do! They use the same expert craftmanship to produce our custom Hair Extensions. They will match the color you want with the finest quality hair, texture, and color.

So what’s stopping you?

Visit the great people over at Divatress and get a wig that works for you to day. It’s super simple and you’ll be delighted with the results. You can change up your look as frequently as you want with the wide variety of styles and colors they have available.