The magical world of a pregnancy due date calculator

Pregnancy is time where emotional, mental and physical changes emerge in a woman’s life. It poses to be a miracle in life and woman expect a host of positive changes during this phase. Once lady figures out that she is pregnant it is welcome news. The next thought that would strike her is when the baby due is.

Most doctors’ point to the delivery date and you can opt for calendar due date pregnancy. Though it is a mere estimate but in most cases you can arrive at the correct results. Doctors too rely on this due date calculator to figure out the exact date when the baby is due. In a majority of cases the online date calculators are available on most websites.

The idea of determining due date of pregnancy was incorporated by an individual known as Naegele. This was in the decade of 1900’s. A series of studies revealed that a majority of babies were born 266 days after conception. The studies also pointed that the conception did take place close to 14 days after the monthly cycle of a woman. Working on all these factors a due date for a mother is 40 weeks after the first date of your last period.

A fact is that calculation of due date of pregnancy is a mere estimate. Actual birth date of a woman may vary as per hormonal cycle, age, personal issues etc. Health does have an important role to play in figuring out the term of pregnancy and even the due date. 

The calendar for pregnancy online tool is another important feature. A normally pregnancy falls in the period of 37 weeks to 42 weeks and a majority of woman go on to deliver on their due date. Facts though have an interesting story to reveal as only 4 % babies are born on the due date. Nearly 5 % to 15 % babies are born early and above this ratio the babies are born after 42 weeks. All these are mere estimates and till today it is used to arrive at the due date.

After the first trimester you can conduct an ultrasound in order to correct the due date. Once an ultrasound is conducted the size of the baby is measured and if need arises delivery date is altered. During the course of an ultrasound you can determine the sex of your baby if you desire. Still an ultrasound cannot give you an exact date when the baby will be due because a lot of factors come into prominence. 

Once you touch 40 weeks of pregnancy the doctor would take over things. There are going to ask you to perform non stress test to figure out whether the baby is safe in the womb. If they find out that there are any problems or the baby is in distress they are going to induce the labor. The onus is on the doctor to take a call in this regard.