An Easy Buyer Guide To Investing In Pink Diamonds

Making an investment in pink diamonds asks for understanding this commodity. The global economy has faced many ups and downs. During the difficult times, people started to look after the alternatives for investing their money.

Pink Diamonds as Investment Alternative

Use of pink diamonds as the financial hedging tool has been increased in the last few years. The reason behind the popularity is this commodity does not need big space and in spite of their small size, their value is astounding. One can easily keep millions of worth diamonds in a small locker. As this is the hardest substance, therefore its durability is not questionable. But the investor makes sure that it is not stolen. As most of the physical commodities such as gold, silver and real estate, it is far away from inflation. In fact, this is an investment which you can wear. So, investing in a diamond is making a good choice for you.

Pink Diamond Investments

The idea of investing in pink diamonds seems quite easy but one should have proper knowledge about it. It is advised to go with some guidance before investing in it to make it worthwhile.

Intensity Color

Pink Diamond’s shape is graded as per its strength and intensity of colour. Apart from its main pink colour, sometimes these pink diamonds are overturned by some other colours such as orange, brown and purple.

Pink Diamond grades are as follows:

       Fancy Vivid/Fancy Deep/Fancy Dark
       Fancy Intense
       Fancy Light
       Very Light

However, it is not an easy task to check the intensity of this coloured stone. Each grade has its own range. So, contacting some diamond experts will help you in evaluating the value of this coloured stone. You might come in contact with the pink diamond that refers to a point scale from 1-9. Richer and saturated the colour will be, more expensive will be the pink diamond.

Rarity and Price

Pink Diamonds are found all over the world but the Argyle Mine Located in Western Australia is the largest supplier of this amazing stone. This beautiful stone is rare in nature. So, the value of the pink diamond increases. Their price and value are quite high in the market as their rare availability increases the demand. Keep your budget clear in your mind and this will help you with narrowing down your search. Moreover, decide the intensity of colour which you wish to possess. Apart from the intensity of colour, carat weight also plays an important role in the price of pink diamonds.

Modifying and secondary tone of the diamond have a great impact on the pricing. If a pink diamond has a shade of any other colour, then its price will be a little less than the other pink diamonds.

Diamonds are easy to liquidate. Therefore, investing in them will be a wise decision but checking them properly is a great thing to do as you will be investing your money in it. Checking the diamond with GIA certified one will help you in evaluating the value of the pink diamond.