Three Valuable Uses for Pressure Regulators

Sometimes known as pressure-reducing valves, the modern pressure regulator is one of the most important parts of a compressed-air system. Pressure regulators work to keep the output of pressure at a constant level, no matter whether there are changes to the output flow or input pressure. They are a valuable point of safety for the operation system they work in as well as the safety of people nearby. No matter if you are just setting up your own pressure regulators or interested in learning more about high-quality Arrow regulators, you may be inspired by the wide range of implementations for pressure regulators in modern industries.

The Airplane Industry

The next time you fly on an airplane, take a look around and consider how much of the aircraft would not operate properly without the use of pressure regulators. So much of modern airplane design depends on reliable and accurate pressure control, from the seals on the exit doors to the air in the cabin. Pressure regulators enable airlines to fly passengers safely to their destinations around the world.

The Food Industry

Pressure regulators are a fundamental part of the design of pressure cookers, which make it possible to easily and quickly cook large amounts of food. Pressure regulators are also found in food canning mechanisms as well as in sterilization equipment. Without pressure regulators, the food production industry as well as kitchens of all sizes would struggle to meet the current expectations of hungry customers.

The Diving Industry

The existence of pressure regulators is especially important in the diving industry. Humans struggle to dive underwater, so divers rely on pressurized tanks of breathing gases in order to survive underwater. On deep dives up to 2,000 feet, atmospheric diving suits are worn by swimmers to protect their bodies from the effects of pressure. All of these pressurized devices may include different types of pressure regulators to function properly.