4 Reasons Children Need Their Own Attorneys in a Custody Battle

When grown adults battle over a child in divorce proceedings, they often place punishment of the other party over what is best for the young one. So, who speaks for the child? A child advocacy lawyer from a respected family attorney Tampa firm can easily do so. Here are five reasons children need their own attorney in a custody battle.

Thoughtless Actions

Although most parents love their children, they often look out for their own best interestinstead of those of the children. Sometimes it becomes a tug of war over living arrangements in order to win the battle, not for what benefits the child. An attorney can often see both sides of the issue and help resolve the dispute.

False Accusations

The angrier one parent becomes, the greater the possibility of false accusations of molestation, abuse, or actions endangering a child can become. With the help of court appointed specialists, the attorney can protect the child, and the truth can be discovered.

Safety First

On the other side of the coin, there are times the safety of the child is in question. Whether it is from abuse, molestation, or other forms of endangerment, the child’s welfare must always come first in a divorce or custody situation. If the youngster’s physical, emotional, or mental health is in question, the attorney can step in and petition to have the child removed until the situation is resolved.

Manipulation Techniques

Children can be their own worst enemies as they move into their teenage years. Throwing themselves between parents as they demand objects, money, or freedom, the child can spend a great deal of time manipulating the custodial adults against one another. With the help of an advocate, the parents can sometimes establish guidelines that may help keep the wandering child out of a youth detention center.
While children do not always need their own attorney in a divorce proceeding, there are times they do. Children are precious resources, and the family attorney can help make sure the kids grow up to understand how precious they are.