How Can Online Courses Assist the Court?

State and municipal courts across the country are increasingly turning to online classes when doling out sentences. These court ordered classes, which focus on overturning negative, criminal behaviors, help to lower fines or jail time levied against perpetrators while still achieving a desired effect of lessening overall crime.
Anger Management Classes
Most commonly issued for cases involving road rage, physical fights and property damage, anger management classes focus on giving offenders the tools they need to control their emotions and prevent future violent outbursts. The course material may include topic such as developing empathy, understanding interpersonal relationships, developing boundaries and staying calm while under great stress.
DUI/DWI Courses
For those recently convicted of drunk driving, court ordered courses can be supplemental to jail time, fines and license suspension in order to decrease the likelihood of a repeat offense. Topics in these courses tend to focus on how alcohol affects the brain and one’s motor skills, how drunk driving greatly increases the chances of causing a fatal crash, how to spot or manage substance addiction and developing decision-making skills.
Juvenile Programs
Youths at high risk of committing future criminal activity need to learn new behavioral and thinking techniques in order to stay clear of trouble. Juvenile criminal behavioral modification and juvenile bullying classes can teach children and teens how to control emotions and work to eliminate continued criminal activity.
Shoplifting and Larceny Classes
Courses in theft tend to deal with changing the mindset of those caught stealing. These classes delve into why a person feels the urge to steal what does not belong to them, and students are given ways to counteract these impulses with positive thoughts.
For crimes not serious enough to warrant serious jail time, consider utilizing court ordered lessons to give offenders a chance to learn from their mistakes with the resources of knowledgeable instructors. Methods of crime reduction come in many forms, and online classes make up part of the next frontier in combating future repeat offenses.