How Professional Women are Choosing to Arm Themselves

Personal defense options have expanded tremendously in recent years and women are taking notice. Many women are choosing to arm themselves and take their personal safety into their own hands. The methods available are as different as the people utilizing them, and often, being prepared to defend oneself means preparing more than one way to do so. These are a few ways a woman may choose to discretely arm themselves. 


The best method of defense is staying as far from danger as possible. Some people are choosing to get their concealed carry license and make a firearm their primary method of protection. Concealed carry ankle holsters, specialized gun purses, and other methods of concealment can allow a person to be armed covertly and feel safe. 
For those who prefer not to carry a gun, or for women living in areas where they are not permitted, a stun gun that shoots at a distance will often deter or quickly subdue an attacker with non-lethal force. Any person carrying a weapon should check local laws to ensure they are staying within their legal limitations. 


Many defensive weapons are available for close-range situations. Many companies produce keychain attachments that can be worn on the hand and are very effective when a person is hit with one. There are also small tasers or cans of mace that can be carried discretely or attached to a keychain. These can be an effective deterrent against an attacker, allowing a person to escape to safety. 
Some women prefer to make themselves the weapon and take self-defense classes. Studios and dojos have opened up classes specifically geared toward women’s personal safety and they are constantly growing in popularity. 
Whatever method a woman chooses, whether a gun at long range or a class on personal defense, a woman can feel confident that she will be able to free herself from many negative situations.