Rainy season and a regime of hair care

The monsoon season is bestowed with freshness and a tinge of greenery. But this could work out to be the season of various problems. An itchy scalp, hair dullness and fizziness are the various problems encountered during this phase. Come the rainy season possibility of skin infection and hair damage increases. As the levels of humidity increases there is a strong like hood of pollutants and dirt touching base with your hair. This makes the hair dirty and can lead to a host of hair related problems. Even you can figure out as per ketomac review that rainy season is one of the toughest phases for your hair.

Though nothing can be done in terms of weather but you can follow certain tips to ensure that your hair is healthy

The condition of the hair is to be dry

You could be tempted in order to wet your hair in a drizzle, rainwater is acidic and dirty that is really bad for your hair. Till the point it is a major downpour try to keep your hair as dry as possible. In order to deal with this situation when you are out try to carry an umbrella along with a raincoat.

Because of excessive humidity it is difficult to dry your hair during the rainy months. Gentle dry with a towel or you can stick to the use of a hair dryer.

Regular shampooing

A lot of people might think that regular shampooing is not a good sign for the hair, but in the rainy season it works out to be the opposite. In order to keep your hair away from dust, dirt or microbial infections it is necessary to shampoo your hair every now and then. As you are planning to shampoo on a regular basis, stick to ketomac shampoo review. This works as a magic shampoo since it is devoid of harsh chemicals. A method to shampoo would be to follow from the root to the tip

Oil massage

During the monsoon season a good oil massage is a pleasure. It goes on to revitalize the dry strands and even goes on to moisturize your hair. A good oil massage can be pretty much compared to the benefits of a hair spa. But the key here is not to overdo it as you might then need to shampoo to get rid of the oil that damages your hair.

No point to tie your hair

Once you are tying up your hair during the rainy months, you are allowing the rain water to hibernate that is going to make it fizzy and limp. If you are really planning to be tying up your hair go for simple buns and lose ponytails.

In a nutshell the rain water does bring it with share of dirt and dust particles. The first thing you need to do is to clean your hair from rain water. The moment if you are caught in rain water the first thing you need to do is to wash your hair.