Three Things to Remember During an Arrest

No matter what situation led to your arrest, you might be stressed and preoccupied with happens next. Every single action you take in this process can help or hurt your case. You must act carefully during this time to make everything as easy as possible. Remember to take these actions during your arrest. 
Remain Silent 
The most famous right you have during the process is the "right to remain silent," and it is the most valuable one. The police can use anything you say against you during the court case. While there are processing questions you must answer, avoid saying beyond that. Instead, invoke your right to speak to your lawyer and refuse to answer anything else.  
Use Your Call Wisely
Another right you can take advantage of during the arrest is calling someone you can trust. Try to have change with you for the phone call and bring a list of helpful numbers in case of an arrest or another emergency. Use this opportunity to call for useful resources, such as arranging for bail bonds harrisburg pa with friends or relatives, or simply inform your loved ones about your current status. 
Avoid Confrontation 
The most important thing to remember during your arrest is to avoid a confrontation with both the police and other cellmates. This is an intense moment, but you must play it smart and avoid adding charges or lengthening your sentence because you made the police angry. You can refuse to answer additional questions and invoke your lawyer politely. Try not to get in trouble with your cellmates as well, since this could get you injured and place you in more legal trouble. 
An arrest is a startling time where every move counts. Learn when to stay quiet, keep your head down and use your rights to make this incident easier to get through.