The GRE or Graduate Record Exam Test is a widely accepted and conducted for the purpose of order for college admission essay in various graduate schools across the globe.  The GRE exam is for the students who want to pursue a master's degree/ course from the top graduate schools. Before going ahead let's understand GRE Exam Pattern

 Quantitative Reasoning

This section includes quantitative comparisons and problem-solving. The test also contains numeric entry questions, and the level of math knowledge is of high-school-level mathematics. This section also includes some of the questions of data interpretation. An onscreen calculator is provided to the students, and those who are appearing for the paper-based test is provided with a calculator at the test center. Although you are provided with a calculator, you have to practice this section well in your GRE prep so, you will be able to apply the right method at the right time.

Analytical writing section

This section includes writing tasks, first is the Issue task which provides the two topics of which the candidates have to select and write an essay on the topic within 30 minutes. Second, the Argument task has to be done in 30 minutes. 

 Verbal Reasoning Section

It includes questions like text completion, sentence equivalence, and reading comprehension. This section is basically to test the vocabulary and includes sentence completions, analogies, antonyms, and reading comprehension questions.

Strategies to Prepare For GRE

Right study material

Selection of right study material is very important to save your money and efforts.  If you have joined a coaching center, then don’t stick to just one book. Go through multiple books that are used as a supplement to enhance the preparation. You can’t buy each, and every book so, you can use the internet and collect notes from the best online coaching. 

 Easy to Difficult

Firstly, start preparing the simple basic terms, which will help you to understand the concepts and once you are done with the basics level then start working on more advanced material. Remember, do not try to do everything at the same time, it will create a mess. Try to cover little topics, but with accuracy.

 Make a proper study plan

You should first analyze yourself before making any study plan. It should be made on your GRE preparation level and your target GRE score. Once you have got to know about your level, plan a time table, and stay motivated to beat that score.

Build up your vocabulary

In the Verbal Reasoning Section, vocabulary plays an important role in the forms of analogies, antonyms, etc. Try to absorb all the words which you came across reading newspapers, journals, and magazines. Sometimes while practicing mock test you may come across many words, so add them into your list too.

Mock test is a major part of GRE prep. After your preparation is done, try to do as many mock tests as you can. There are many paid and unpaid mock tests available on the internet. Through mock test focus on your weak sections and give more time to cover them.