Ways by which you can prepare for SAT

You have to perform well in SAT exams so as to avail admission to the best of colleges. To score well in exams, SAT coaching in Kolkata has mushroomed but there are other tips to consider.

Outside class hours read a lot of non- fiction books

SAT is a reader oriented exam as you have to flip through dense passages hour after hour. It is not that questions seem to be difficult as mostly they are straightforward. In fact it is the reading part that is a cause of concern because your brain would stress after a certain point of time. Hopefully it is not the first passage.

In order to prepare for this exam you have to flip through a lot of non- fiction stuff before you sit for a SAT exam. The reason being a majority of passages follow this module. As your brain would not sprout all of a sudden you need to give it a head start.

Be aware on how to excel in mental maths

A couple of sections in a SAT exam might allow you to use a calculator. But there is no need to be stuck on questions solving with a pencil. When you are preparing for SAT exam you have to make your brain a mental calculator. This is the module that SAT coaching in Kolkata tries to strive upon. They stresses on formula and short cuts to make the task of Maths solving easier.

Brush up your Grammar skills

Nearly half of the verbal section is incorporated of Grammar questions. Though it might have to do with essay questions that rely on basic version of Grammar. You might frown by learning grammar but it is one of the easiest topics to pick up when you are preparing for SAT.

Stick to the use of best SAT preparation materials

A lot of SAT materials are there for you to prepare for the exam. Not all of them are equal as some of them might hurt your actual score that are not an indicator of the real test. You need to look at the best resources as far as preparation for a SAT exam is concerned.

Try to work on your grey areas

There are certain things that you might be good on a SAT exam, but it would be better if you practice the concepts from time to time basis. A better solution would be to tap on to the areas where you might be struggling. Opt for a diagnostic test to address the areas that you might have to address before you sit for a SAT exam.

In certain points during the day there could be a time frame where we might be hanging out. May be you might be waiting for a commercial break or even waiting for a friend of yours. There is no point to be a victim of waiting as you need to follow a few ideas. For example you can read through a couple of chapters about your SAT guide.