How much does it cost to replace a dashboard cover?


Dashboard covers are a handy thing to have if your car dashboard is scratched or has become dull with time. And the best part of the car dashboard covers is that they are available in a wide range of designs and materials. However, most users often need to replace their old car dash covers and buy a new one for freshness and usability. So, the question arises that what is the replacement cost for a dashboard cover, and whether we can do it at home, or not. So, if you are also looking for an answer to this question, read the article till the end and you can know also more about replacing the dashboard cover by visiting this site bumber.

Before jumping to the replacement cost of the dashboard cover, let’s talk about the different types of car dashboard covers available in the market. And the type of dashboard cover you have installed in your car plays an important role in the replacement cost. The major types of dashboard covers are fabric, molded, and suede. All the listed types of dashboard cover have different prices, benefits, and installation instructions. And to get the best benefits and better fit, you must follow the installation instructions carefully. So, regardless of the you bought from the market, it is important to install them correctly. This won’t only help you to get a better feel and finish, but it will also reduce the cost of maintenance and replacement if needed.

While the suede and fabric dashboard covers are installed on the dashboard by using Velcro and other methods, the molded dashboard covers are often screwed to the dashboards. The molded dashboard covers are generally more durable and you won’t need to replace them even after years. However, the cost of replacement is generally higher than that of fabric or suede dashboard covers.

The cost of replacement generally depends on the place where you live and the professional services that you are using for replacing the covers. In many cases, if you have purchased the dashboard cover from the same shop, you can replace your old dashboard cover at no cost and you will only be charged for the installation of the dashboard cover. However, we will suggest you talk to the dealer before buying and installing the dashboard cover.

The cost of replacing the dashboard cover is minimal and you can replace it within 20USD. However, it depends on the location and your car type too. So, it will vary and you can get a better or even higher price for replacing the dashboard covers.

Instead, you can also try your hands on removing the dashboard cover all by yourself. There are tons of online videos to do so and also if you have purchased the dashboard cover from a good brand and place, you will have an installation guide with you that can be used toinstall as well remove the dashboard cover. So, try your hands and save some extra bucks for replacing the existing dashboard cover.

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