The Six Steps to Follow When Caring for Curly Hair

Do you have curly hair? If yes, you may know that it requires a tad more attention and love. Whether it is thirty minutes or three hours, caring for the curls seem like a lot of work. Also, the simplest mistakes lead to breakage, dryness, and frizz. Well, mentioned below are a few steps to incorporate in your routine. Please check them out now.

1.      Limit Shampooing Frequently

People with curly hair must not shampoo it frequently. This is because curly hair is usually dry, and can lose whatever moisture it has through daily washing. Shampooing twice a week is enough.

2.      Choose Shampoos and Conditioners with Caution

Everyone knows that curly hair is dry and much more susceptible to damages. It is necessary to baby the hair when shampooing. Also, purchase products that have milder ingredients such as coconut oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, keratin, aloe vera, shea butter, animal proteins, hydrolyzed silk, and plant extracts.

A renowned plastic surgeon in Fairfax Virginia emphasized on the disadvantages of drugstore or salon products. These shampoos and conditioners are usually diluted, thus, hardly benefit the hair.

3.      Use a T-shirt to Dry Hair

Curly hair does not respond well when dried with towel. Towel can irritate the hair, compelling it to appear frizzy. Instead, wrap your wet hair or dab it gently using a lightweight t-shirt.

4.      Apply Diffuser When Blow Drying

Diffusers are known for spreading the airflow from the blow drier, and scrunch and set the curls. So always place a diffuser over the blow drier if you have decided to use it. Start diffusing the roots and stop midway to acquire maximum volume. Also always apply some sort of heat protectant.

Do not blow dry regularly or else your curls will be permanently damaged. Top-notch stylists from all across the globe said curly hair can dry naturally but yes they take a prolonged period.

5.      Detangle with Fingers or Wide-Toothed Combs

Paddle brushes are not at all ideal for curls. Regular brushing paves the way for split ends. If your hair is tangled, work your way through it with a wide-toothed comb or your fingers. Start detangling at the end and then move up to the roots.

6.      Get a Haircut when It Flattens at Crown

People with curls do not need to maintain a definite number of weeks between the haircuts. They just need to observe their hair carefully. When it starts flattening at the crown, it is time to go to the salon.

In case you have already lost a major portion of your curly hair or if your precious crimped locks are feeling thinner than ever, you must seek professional assistance right away. The experts offering hair transplant in Chevy Chase said they make sure to keep the overall structure intact by extracting and inserting the follicles with utmost caution.

Curly hair has plenty advantages in terms of hair transplant surgery. In fact a lot of medical practitioners prefer it to straighter hair since they can use fewer strands for covering the same area of balding. The transplants for curly hair undoubtedly yield more voluminous outcomes. You enjoy a head full of thicker tresses. Amazing, right?

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