Three Vintage engagement Ring Designs

Vintage engagement rings are increasingly becoming poplar for a whole lot of reasons. For women who are attracted to bit of a retro style, a brand spanking new ring from a jeweller might not just fit the bill. Especially with their taste in jewellery, clothes or even their world, it should scream vintage. Here three types of vintage engagement ring selection for the bride who loves the old world charm.

1. Victorian engagement ring – The Victorian engagement rings are very rare to find and since they are made such a long time ago, you will get to find them only specialist jewellers. They are usually very intricate as well as decorative with engraving of scrolls etc. These rings often have a large central stone that is supported by several smaller stones which is a bit like a modern “halo setting”. At that time, diamonds were not really the first choice as they are now so other stones were used such as the emeralds, rubies, pearls and sapphires. All of these set for vintage engagement rings are very much less hard than diamonds. Thus, when you are looking at a ring that is nearly well over 100 years, you need to do in person so that you can ensure that there is no damage to those fragile stones.


2. Edwardian engagement ring – These types of engagement rings tend to be very ornate with type jeweller aiming to make the ring setting look like “folded” lace. Ending metal like this is known to be “filigree” work and it was made possible only after the oxyacetylene torch was invented and platinum could be heated up at extremely high temperatures. When it comes to vintage engagement rings like the Edwardian rings, people often like to embrace the possibilities that that is offered with the invention of the torch. That is why we often get to see many an Edwardian ring in platinum which is also good because it hold up so well to use.


3. Art deco rings – They are probably the most popular of the vintage ring styles. Art deco is actually a broad term but basically describes the particular style of visual design that was applied to a huge range of things. This was till 1920 or just after WW2 which ranges from buildings to jewellery to cars and paintings. Vintage moissanite engagement ring designs in terms of the art deco style normally have no hard and fast rules yet there are some principles they stick to. If you compare them to the Edwardian style, art deco is all about geometric shapes and patterns. They are also swirly and ultra feminine.


Vintage rings are classic as well as timeless and they will never go out of fashion. While modern engagement rings tend to have definite trends, vintage rings will always remain in style. Though they can e too overwhelming at times for the modern bride, yet for the retro bride they are just perfect. Vintage engagement rings designs are the ultimate in style and longevity.

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