What Should You Know About Ballistic Glasses?


Glasses have become an eminent part of your life these days. From window glasses to mirrors, we use various types of glasses every day without even noticing them. There are different types of glasses available and each has its distinct usage. While some are naturally formed through various environmental activities like volcanic eruptions, lightning strikes, etc., others are man-made. Today glasses have a wide range of usages and even though we consider them to be a fragile element, the technologically advanced glasses are quite thick and can last for many years. One such glass is ballistic or bulletproof glass. It is very strong and is even capable of stopping a bullet. In this article, we are going to discuss all bulletproof glasses.

The Importance Of Bulletproof Glasses:-

As the name suggests, bulletproof glasses are strong enough to stop a fired bullet. But the name is not accurate given the fact that it might not be able to stop all the bullets fired from any guns from any distance, Thus the industry experts call them a bullet-resistant or ballistic glass.

Some of these high-end bullet-resistant glasses are considered to be bulletproof but none of them could absolutely obstruct a bullet at a given point in time. However, it is capable of stopping the standard 9mm handguns, which most criminals use. Thus, whether it's your house, office, or car, you can use the ballistic glass and give yourself the protection you need.

Many organizations have started using these bullet-resistant glasses in their office to protect employees from any kind of gun-violence threats. However, it is to be noted that the bulletproof material is not always glass. It can be made of various materials like plastic resins (acrylic) or thermoplastic polymers. Some of the transparent bulletproof barriers are made by combining several materials and they have a layer of polycarbonate on them as well. There might also be layers of polyurethane and acrylic. The multiple layers help in adding thickness and strength to the barrier, making it more secured and increasing its protection levels. The external polycarbonate layer is very strong and helps in resisting the impact. The other layers add up to increase the overall protection factor of the barrier.

The Protection Level

The bullet-resistant glasses basically have eight different levels of protection and each of them offers varied resistance against different types of bullets.

       Level 1- It is capable of withstanding several rounds of bullets from a small handgun.

       Levels 2 And 3- They can stand up to fires from larger handguns.

       Level 4 To 8- They can handle higher caliber weapons.

Depending on the level of security provided, the barriers are used in different places. Level 1 is for commercial buildings, levels 2 and 3 are for secured places like police stations whereas levels 4 to 8 are used in military applications.

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