What Are Some Of The Best Rums To Try?

Rum is liquor obtained from the distillation of sugar. Most will be aware that rum is sweet in flavour, and rum production more commonly takes place in sugar-cane growing countries. The content of alcohol continuously varies in different varieties of rums.


For all the rum enthusiasts out there, this article will be handy. This article will discuss the best types of rum to try in 2022, so let’s get started.


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1 Light Rum

If you are looking for a high-quality rum and that too at a very reasonable cost, light rum will be the best fit for you. Light rum is also known as silver or white rum.

This type of rum is the best for cocktails such as Cuba Libre. For the ageing of this rum, it is placed in stainless steel tanks for almost one year. As a result of ageing, it gains light and clean sweet flavour. After that, it is filtered and stored in bottles.


2 Gold Rum

For darker cocktails, gold rum should be preferred. Gold rum, often called amber rum, is perfect for a smooth sipper. The ageing of this rum is carried out in oak casks which grants it fantastic smoothness and darkness. Note that caramel is also added during the production of gold rum.


3 Overproof Rum

Overproof rum comprises 75% alcohol content by volume, so dilution is a must before its consumption. However, if you are a fan of flaming drinks and want to light up your next valentine’s party night, you should go for an overproof rum as this type of rum is most suitable for creating flaming drinks. Here’s some critical advice for you, you must never use an overproof rum near an open flame or in cooking. Also, when it comes to flaming drinks, it is highly advisable not to play with fire if you are already drunk.


4 Flavoured Rum

You can select from a wide range of flavours such as strawberry, mango, coconut, etc. Infused rums are also highly trendy nowadays. During distillation at UK Distilleries Hub, the addition of various aromatics and spices leads to the production of fabulous flavoured rums. Flavoured rums are produced from natural and artificial ingredients in modern rum industries.


Let’s Wind Up

In conclusion, we think that the best types of rum to try in 2022 are those that have a complex flavour profile. We recommend trying rums from different parts of the world to find your favourite. Whether you prefer sweet or savoury rum, there’s sure to be a variety out there that will tantalise your taste buds. Let us know which type of rum is your favourite and why in the comments below!

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