5 Pergola Ideas That Make Your Garden Look Beautiful

While a pergola in your outdoor space might seem to be an ordinary structure, you can always make it extraordinary by incorporating cool ideas and designs into it. This simple construction can work as both, an extension of your living room or a separate area for recreational activities. If you are looking out for some trendy designs and ideas, to build a new pergola, keep reading this article. 

Wood And Glass Panels

If you have a modern or contemporary home, then bespoke pergolas made with wood and glass panels can be a great choice. You can also incorporate a glass door in your pergola to blend indoor and outdoor living seamlessly. However, ensure that the elements used in the pergolas should complement the overall house architecture.


If you have a pool on your property, then think about getting a poolside pergola. It has the simple structure of a regular pergola that is placed near a pool. It can be both long and short, depending on the space available. It can be a great area to take some rest after swimming, and it offers all the other advantages offered by a normal pergola.

Hybrid Backyard

You can always incorporate other outdoor structures with your regular pergolas, to make a unique hybrid backyard pergola. For example, a gazebo-pergola hybrid looks quite great, and it has the best of both structures. It has a dedicated platform with railings, but it also lets in fresh air so that everyone can enjoy the outdoor life.

Mirror Pergola

This is yet another great idea when it comes to bespoke pergolas it takes the advantage of the facade of the object. This gives a very modern look to your outdoors and also has that visual effect where it seems that you have 2 distinct pergolas or a larger area. 

Bar Pergola

You can also think of pergolas as that additional space, wherein you can recreate those areas that you cannot fit indoors due to any constraint. You can make it a bar, by first building a pergola and then decorating it with some basic things. Keep lighting minimal and create a small bar counter with some shelves. You can also keep small chairs to entertain your guests.

Passageway Pergola

You can use pergolas in several other ways than just only for recreational purposes. You can use it as a passageway that is paved with anything starting from woods to stone. You can customize the roof beam just the way you want. 

These are some of the top ideas and designs that you can use for your pergolas. It will not have to always be your usual garden structure. You can use it in different ways to decorate and increase the usability of your outdoor space.

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