How to Find the Most Accurate Tarot Card Reading

Tarot Card Reading is a form of divination. It’s the use of 78 cards to answer questions or get guidance on any subject. Usually people will pull cards from a Tarot deck one at a time and interpret them with their intuition, personal experience, or knowledge about the subject. The more experienced the reader is, the more accurate his or her reading will be. So how can you find out if someone really knows what they're talking about? Preferred methods vary greatly; The Most Accurate Tarot Card Reading prefer 'expert confirmation' (where they have reliable sources verify if their reading was accurate), others prefer personal experience and intuition for verification, but most readers fall somewhere in between those two extremes.

1. First of all, you can simply ask them. You might want to consider this method if they're a new reader and haven't had much experience. If they seem fairly experienced and confident and haven't received personal or ex-experience verification then it's probably safe to take their word for it.


2. Or you can get personal confirmation from the individual themselves. They can easily tell you the kind of things that would factor into accurate readings, including their own experiences with readings (both good and bad). There's a lot more to learn about using Tarot cards than just reading them, but if you don’t know what questions to ask this is an easy way to start learning.

3. If you're really stuck you can always ask a lot of different readers to give you their personal opinions on the accuracy of their card readings. They'd each have an objective opinion of the cards in front of them, and they have the added bonus that they can tell you if they think the reading is accurate or not. In fact, some mediums (those who claim to communicate with spirits) will even let you know if they think your reading is a waste of time.

4. The most accurate way to find the best person to read is simply to ask a lot of different people. You can find a lot of tarot readers on websites like Psychic Readings Online and Tarot Readers. If you're getting stuck on where to start there, tarot reader Lozzi suggests asking an experienced reader you know what they think is inaccurate in your reading. Lozzi also suggests that if you don't know whom to ask then try looking up mediums or psychics who are supposed to be good at giving accurate readings.

5. If the person providing the reading has little experience this may be something you should consider before taking their advice. If they're really confident they may know that they're accurate, but this confidence can be misleading. It's best to ask them if they've received personal or expert confirmation of their accuracy and how they've done it.

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