Being sued for debt in Illinois: Things to know


When you are already in a financial mess and are dealing with many things at once, the last thing you would want is a debt lawsuit. Creditors in Illinois often rely on debt collection agencies to recover money, and these collectors don’t often adhere to the laws or norms of the practice. When facing a debt collection lawsuit, you need to consider all options and legal ways to navigate through the situation. Hiring an Illinois debt collect lawyer is one of the best steps you can consider, and here are some other critical things worth knowing.

Do not ignore a debt collection lawsuit

Many people assume that they can just choose not to respond to a debt collection lawsuit, and things will be over in no time. The truth is the debt collector, or creditor may end up getting a default judgment, which means that the other party has already won. With the default judgment, the debt collector can garnish your wages or freeze your accounts. They can also place a lien on your real estate investments, including your home. In Illinois, debt collectors can also charge an annual interest on the judgment, and the percentage is high at 9%.

Find your defense

There are several kinds of defenses used by lawyers for debt collection lawsuits. It largely depends on whether you really owe the money, and if you do, you should consider repaying the same at the earliest. In some cases, you may still have a claim against the debt collector. For instance, if the debt collector harassed you or threatened to harm you in any manner, you may have a valid defense. Lawyers may also check the initial debt papers to see if the contract was valid and whether the documents related to the debt collection lawsuit were filed in the proper court. There could be a case of mistaken identity too, where you are being used for a debt that you don’t own, often because you share the name.

Talk to a lawyer

Defending a debt collection lawsuit is never easy, and there are many aspects that need attention. Having an attorney on your side can ensure that you don’t have to deal with the debt collector directly and all the paperwork is taken care of by an expert. Take your time to find the right lawyer with experience in debt defense and is open to offering a free consultation.

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