3 Simple Tips for Aspiring Event Stylists

Do you ever wonder how people make money out of their passion? Do you ever think about becoming an event stylist and start making money from home? If you are like a majority of people that have tried to start a business but it has not succeeded, or things have not been what you expected, then this blog post is for you! Let’s face it, life can get in the way and business ventures need to be put on hold for longer than you think. But that doesn’t mean that your passion has to go unappreciated; because if something sparks your interest, or if there is something that interests you then go for it! The only problem is where to begin. This article will give you some helpful tips on becoming an event designer and getting started making money at it.

Become an Event Planner

If you love to plan events, or you are good at putting on parties, this is the job for you! You are going to specialize in hosting events with a large range of different themes and interests. What’s great about event planners is that they have the knowledge and contacts to get you booked for everything! With the right contacts and knowledge, you can set yourself up for success and make a good living out of it. To become an event planner, it’s important to have a clear idea of what you want to offer the market. You can either plan events in your free time or you can take a part time job. The best part about working as an event planner is that you make great money and you get to choose what events you work on.

Build Up Your Resumé

One of the most important things you can do to get yourself noticed as an event stylist and get booked for events is to build up a resume. When people interview with you they are looking for people with specific experience levels and credentials, so it’s important to have a few examples of work lined up that people can see. You can either list jobs that you have done on your website or simply list upcoming events where you have worked. If you are not very good with keeping up with new trends, there is an option for you; you can list your faves and your most recent projects! You want to be as detailed as possible when building up your resume because when people are looking for details, they are more likely to search for you, so make sure you go into the details about what you have done. People are more likely to look at your work experience and not just the number of events you have worked on, so it’s important to make your experience crystal clear. Once you have a few examples of work listed on your resume, build a solid reputation for yourself by showing up for work every day, showing up on time, and doing your best work!

Network, Network, Network

One of the best ways to get your foot in the door with different businesses and make new contacts is through networking. One of the best networks you can join is the marketing community. There are many different sub-communities on social media that you can join, such as the fitness and beauty communities. Joining groups and discussing your interests in a friendly way will give you the opportunity to meet new people and make new contacts. You can also ask your social media contacts if they know of any networking events in their area that you can attend.

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