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Stair treads are cloth pieces made specifically for wooden stairs to help prevent the wood from deteriorating from frequent use. Additionally, they provide the foot more grip, lowering the risk of sliding and falling. They vary from stair-runners in that they are installed on every step of the staircase and are considerably smaller than the hardwood step to enable the wood to be seen on either end. A stair runner has been a long strip of carpet or fabric that is installed along the stairs' full length, completely encasing each step. 

Choosing the right material for your stair runner 

It is crucial to choose the right stuff for your stair runner treads and rugs since they are more noticeable than the carpet installed on the floor. Below eye level, at eye level, and above eye level are all where it is situated. Anyone should be able to view the content well, which is a huge bonus. Because the rug is located in a small area of your house, it would be extremely beneficial if you made sure to only purchase high-quality materials for them. This is true not just because it is situated in a more prominent location. 

Additionally, bear in mind that because treads or runners won't maintain the carpet as level as it would on the floor, a carpet may have distinct looks and effects when utilized with them. It would flex by how the stairs' steps were arranged. When placed on the stairs, certain carpets even effortlessly expose their underside. You should anticipate the carpets installed on staircases to wear out more quickly than the carpeting on other floors because they are the most often walked-on areas. 

Choosing your stair runners carefully 

A decent stair carpet runner should be chosen carefully. This is because your stairs' carpeting is far more noticeable than your floors' carpeting. You would see more than you typically do with carpeting because the carpeting is physically at, below, and above eye level. 

As a result, there are a few more factors you should think about when you decide to buy your Floorspace stair runner

First, keep in mind to get carpeting that is at least as high-quality as the flooring you already have in other areas of your house (inclusive of your family and living rooms). This is due to the stair carpet's increased visibility as well as the fact that it will be utilized extensively in a relatively small, highly-targeted area of your home. Buy high-quality carpet if you don't want to always have to replace it. 

Second, keep in mind that the carpet will exhibit itself differently when twisted as opposed to flat. Some threads are not the ideal option for carpeting your stairs since they readily reveal the carpet's backing. Take a sample piece of flooring that you could set on your steps (over a bent section), back up, shine the lights on it, and properly check the flooring from above, below, and at eye level to determine whether the carpet will do this on your stairs. 

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