Bruce Weber Offers Killer Tips To Take Photos With Phone

Photography is an art that demands the use of tools. Earlier people had to adhere to traditional cameras to take photos. However, with the time that situation has changed. Now, one can use a smartphone and use the device to take photos of any interesting subjects. The best thing about phone photography is, one does not need any high-quality software or computer applications to edit these photos. For an amateur photographer, a good-quality smartphone can work like a wonder. Also, with time smartphones have changed. Now the upgraded models enable people to take camera-like photos. Yet, it is not easy to use a smartphone and take photos that match the quality of a DSLR image. Aspiring photographers may struggle to make their smartphone photos look good enough to create an impressive portfolio.

Bruce Weber On Mobile Photos

Bruce Weber is a fashion photographer with a reputation to be creative and impressive. Bruce has been experimenting with different genres and themes in his photography. While he likes to use the camera for his professional shots, he does not ignore the usability of smartphones in photography. Bruce uses smartphones for social media photos frequently.

From experience, Bruce has found that using a smartphone to take amazing photos might not be as simple as holding the phone in hand and clicking an image. There are tricks and methods to be followed. If smartphone overwhelms aspiring photographers, then a little tutorial will surely help them get started with smartphone photography.

One needs to remember that if amazing mobile photos are getting viral on social media, there are also bad smartphone images circulating online as well. Therefore, to take images that grab attention, one needs to put in ample effort. Continuous practice is the only way one can start taking good mobile photos.

Gridlines For Perfect Balance

When someone is confused about the features of a smartphone to use for the perfect shots, one can switch on the gridlines for proper balance. Pro photographers use this feature to make their mobile photos look both professional and polished.

Camera Focus

Phone cameras are programmed to focus on the subject without having to set it manually. However, this does not always make it easy for photographers to take photos. It is because there are times when automatic focus fails to focus on the photography subject. This is why – an aspiring photographer who is just getting started with photography needs to set the camera focus manually sometimes.

However, this tip only works when someone is taking photos of a motionless subject. When something is in motion and someone wants to take a photo of that moving entity, focusing could be a little problem. In this case, the photographer needs to practice clicking photos of moving subjects with smartphones to get the desired perfection.

HDR Mode

Modern photographers have the luxury of using HDR mode to make their photos look amazing. HDR mode is designed to add additional creativity to photos. For this reason, Bruce Weber encourages aspiring photographers to take photos using HDR mode. Smartphone cameras make it difficult to get the right exposure to light. HDR mode helps obtain the right photographic details.

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