Green Energy Solutions Loma Linda Highlights the Advantages of Upgrading Our HVAC System


Many of us are not aware of the fact that upgrading our HVAC system can provide us with several benefits. Sadly, unless there is any problem with the HVAC system, many homeowners overlook the need of maintaining them. Eventually, we pay for negligence as it is reflected in the energy bill while making it much more than what we consume.

In reality, since HVAC consumes the largest part of our energy bill, upgrading the HVAC system is a worthwhile investment. Green Energy Solutions Loma Linda notes that paying for upgrading the HVAC eventually offers us long-term benefits including a considerable reduction in our monthly energy bills. The primary benefits that we can derive are as follows:

Enhanced Efficiency

Every one of us who experiences hot summer days and chilly winters understands the essentiality of a consistent heating, ventilation, as well as air conditioning system to boost the comfort level of our home. Unfortunately, however, HVAC systems happen to be the biggest cause of energy waste. As reported by the U.S. Department of Energy, old-fashioned HVAC systems tend to be 50-60% less efficient than the newest models.

This indicates that apart from boosting our comfort level upgrading the HVAC system can also help in saving us money on energy bills. Furthermore, newer HVAC systems are also more dependable than any older model, which means that they are less likely to disappoint us with a surprising breakdown. This is why rather than using the outmoded HVAC system upgrading it to a newer model can benefit us both in terms of our comfort as well as savings.

Energy Efficient

Now, a question may arise in our mind how much more energy-efficient are the newer HVAC or Air conditioners? Correct! Put simply, having an AC unit with a SEER rating (seasonal energy efficiency rating) of 10 or lower means we are simply wasting energy as well as money for cooling our home. In addition, using inefficient air conditioners or HVAC typically increases the carbon footprint of our home causing gross emission of greenhouse gases.

New-generation HVAC systems consume considerably less electricity for heating, ventilating, or cooling our homes. Green Energy Solutions Loma Linda finds that switching to an AC model with SEER 25 can boost the energy efficiency level of our home by 58% while changing it to a model SEER 13 will increase efficiency closely by  25%. More energy efficiency translates into less carbon footprint and more savings on the energy bill. Therefore, it tends to be a time for us to think of HVAC upgrades.

Healthy And Comfortable Indoor Environment

Most homeowners know well that having a reliable HVAC system is integral to maintaining a healthy and relaxing indoor home environment. Apart from regulating temperature as well as maintaining ventilation, an HVAC system works as a great tool to filter out airborne pollutants. In due course of time, as HVACs become older, they turn out to be inefficient and rather expensive to function.

A great way to extend the longevity of our HVAC is by upgrading it to a newer and more efficient model. In addition, newer models are fairly quieter and don’t emit the common humming sound experienced with older models. Thus upgrading our HVAC system also helps in reducing noise levels in our home.

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