Main Differences Between Teeth Whitening Gels & Strips

Although brushing is the easiest way to keep natural teeth healthy and bright, most people ignore doing it regularly. Therefore, the permanent teeth will gradually lose their brightness and look yellow and dark. The essential point that should be taken into consideration is that there’s no reason to hide your teeth while you are smiling because of your discolored teeth; several beneficial whitening methods and products are available in cosmetic dentistry that can help you to preserve your sparkling smile fairly simply. According to a professional dentist offering teeth whitening in Vancouver, among all the amazing methods to whiten discolored teeth, whitening gels and strips can potentially provide you with desired results effectively. Please follow the useful points mentioned in this article to learn which is a better choice to create shiny smiles for you.

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The Effective Role of At-Home Teeth Whitening Products to Whiten Discolored Teeth

Before discussing the essential similarities and differences between whitening gels and strips, you need some important information about how at-home whitening products work to brighten your stained teeth. Most at-home whitening methods should be used daily to achieve your desired outcomes. For example, you should wear teeth whitening trays daily and repeat this process for about two weeks. Some special chemicals called hydrogen peroxide are used to create different whitening products. These essential substances will start their whitening process right after they are pressed on the outer surfaces of stained teeth.

It is said that those who have already suffered from sensitive teeth and gums are proper candidates for at-home whitening treatments because the strong whitening materials [that are used in professional dentists’ offices can potentially increase dental sensitivity.

teeth whitening in Vancouver

Teeth Whitening Gels

Generally, the package of teeth whitening gel contains specific trays that should be filled with gels and then fit for both upper and lower teeth. You should hold the trays in their proper places for at least 40 minutes and repeat this procedure every day. According to well-trained dental professionals, you will achieve impressive smiles that are a few shades of brighter color if you repeat this treatment for at least two weeks. Although using whitening gels to remove your dental discoloration is safe, you may experience minor drawbacks if you overuse them. Therefore, you should carefully read the how-to-use instructions noted on the packages before the beginning of the whitening process.

Teeth Whitening Stripes  

According to all dedicated dental experts, teeth whitening strips can be the second most beneficial way for those who want to make their teeth look whiter and brighter. These practical kits contain two strips that should be attached to the front teeth in both the upper and lower jaw. Although teeth whitening strips are entirely safe, you should make sure to fit them on your teeth; otherwise, your gums or other soft tissues may be damaged.

Those who have undergone other dental treatments like dental braces are not appropriate cases for these whitening products because you cannot easily place them on your discolored teeth. In addition, pregnant women should consult with their trained dentists before using whitening gels and stripes to brighten their smiles.  

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