Top Differences between Teeth Whitening & Dental Veneers

Generally, a variety of successful and exceptional dental solutions are available when it comes to cosmetically changing your smiles; however, teeth whitening and dental veneers have countless fans worldwide. This is because both of these treatments can potentially change the appearance of your smiles in various ways effectively. But as a dentist providing teeth whitening services in Scarborough describes, these options may create more desirable outcomes in some instances. That’s why you should have a complete discussion with your highly-experienced dentist to determine whether you are an appropriate candidate for these treatments. In this precious essay, we will provide you with all the essential information you need to know before using best-in-class whitening options to remove dental stains or using dental veneers to conceal mild to severe dental imperfections.

teeth whitening services in Scarborough

Appropriate Cases for Teeth Whitening Processes

Look only as far as best-in-class whitening treatment options if yellowish spots on your teeth are the only problem preventing you from smiling more often. This is because this highly-requested option of cosmetic dentistry is only focused on removing dental stains to gift you a glorious smile with a set of pearly whites. All experienced and dedicated dental practitioners who provide beneficial cosmetic services to valued patients all over the world know how to utilize state-of-the-art dentistry instruments to remove dark spots that sit on your teeth straightforwardly; however, a range of over-the-counter products are also available for those who prefer to get rid of dental discoloration independently at home. But at-home whitening options are not as strong as in-office types; therefore, they cannot provide desirable results like what you will achieve after getting a professional in-office whitening process. In addition, the fascinating outcomes of the in-office whitening method are long-lasting. It means you can enjoy your shiny teeth for more than a year; however, your routine diet and how you care for your teeth are vital factors that can significantly affect the exact lifespan of teeth whitening results.

teeth whitening services in Scarborough

The Best Candidates for Dental Veneers

Don’t worry if it is determined that your dental discoloration is very severe and cannot be removed with any whitening options because another beneficial method is available in cosmetic dentistry called dental veneers that can easily hide the dark appearance of your teeth while they are concealing several other dental defects such as fractured or misshapen teeth. Although you will take numerous advantages after getting dental veneers, there are some drawbacks that should be considered before the beginning of this procedure. First, the high prices of dental veneers are the most important factor that should be considered. In other words, covering dental defects using dental veneers is among the most expensive option in cosmetic dentistry. Besides, it is an irreversible cosmetic dental option because, for proper installation, some parts of your enamel should be removed. Therefore, you need veneers for your entire life, and you should replace them with newer ones occasionally.

Those who are still unsure about the most appropriate procedure should consider their cosmetic goals, the amount of money they prefer to spend on cosmetic dental treatments, and how long they can wait to see their desirable results. 

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