What Are the Common Problems with Braces?

One of the biggest insecurities many people have is crooked and misaligned teeth. It's so uncomfortable to smile or laugh when you don't have a set of aligned and straight teeth. Such cases can lessen your self-confidence and make you less interested in socializing with others. Researches show that people with flawless smiles are usually more confident when they talk, which is why they usually have better social lives. Fortunately, these days you can find a solution to any problem. There are different treatments to make your teeth aligned and straight, just as you've always wished for. Orthodontic treatments are designed for people with crooked, gapped and misaligned teeth to give them the smile they truly deserve. One of the best dentist in Toronto explains that depending on the severity of your case, needs, personal preference and other factors, your dentist may recommend a different orthodontic treatment. Invisalign treatment and braces are two common orthodontic treatments among patients. Although clear braces are gaining reaction every day, braces are still significantly popular and even more effective in some cases. Unfortunately, braces can cause some minor difficulties that can be fixed easily. If you are considering getting braces, it's essential to learn about those problems and how to fix them.

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Broken Bracket: Your orthodontist should use durable, high-quality cement to bond braces to the front surface of your teeth. However, loose brackets are still common among patients, especially younger ones. You may find your brackets broken or loose after biting something too sticky or hard. In such conditions, it's essential to visit your orthodontist to repair the damaged bracket. Your orthodontist knows how to handle the situation and make the broken bracket re-secured again.

Poking Wire: Sometimes, you may feel the wire is picking you because it's shifted to one side. You may be able to gently slide it back into the proper position using a pair of tweezers. Otherwise, you should visit your orthodontist sooner than your scheduled appointment to get rid of the pain and discomfort caused by the shifted wire.

Soreness: After getting a new set of braces and adjustments, it's normal to feel pain and soreness. So, there is no need to get scared. It's highly recommended to rinse your mouth with warm saltwater and take over-the-counter medications with the advice of your orthodontist. You can also use a particular type of wax to reduce the irritation of your lips, tongue, gums and cheeks. Your orthodontist will also give you other helpful tips, so follow them carefully. 

Loose Band: Occasionally, you may notice your band is loose. In such cases, visiting your orthodontist is necessary. Try to keep the band in place until you can see your orthodontist and receive proper dental care services. If the band canes out, it's essential to keep it in a safe, clean place until your orthodontist repairs it. 

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Popped Wire: It's not a good experience to see a popped wire. It can cause you pain and irritation, which you may not bear until the next scheduled visit. Try to push the popped wire into place with a tweezer gently. 

Such minor problems are easy to fix. Follow your orthodontist instructions, and remember the final results are worth your time, money and energy!

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