Hind Louali Discusses Why People Should Consider Learning French


Learning and speaking a foreign language can pave the way to incredible experiences in regard to education, work, and travel. Hind Louali specifically mentions that as an official language of 29 countries across the world, French is undoubtedly among the best choices for language learners. Choosing to learn French comes with a range of valuable advantages.

Hind Louali points out why people should learn French

More than 300 million people speak French across Five continents. It is the second most widely learned foreign language after English, as well as the fifth most widely spoken language in the world. French is also the only language aside from English that is taught in almost every country. Hence, one of the best results of choosing to learn French is that it allows one to connect to other people, many of whom they might have not communicated with if they didn’t know the language.  Even though a lot of people do speak English today, there are many who prefer French. Knowing French to a certain level means that one can speak to almost a hundred people across the planet without any issues, and learn more about their countries and culture.

It is also no secret that knowing a second language, especially a popular one like French, can have a positive effect on the employability of a person. In fact, Hind Louali mentions that French is among the best languages to learn to get a career boost. It can be estimated that speaking French can increase the income of a person by around 15%. France is among the largest economies in the world. Moreover, Francophone, which is an organization of French-speaking countries, tends to have a network of strong global economies, which includes Canada, Belgium, Vietnam, and Egypt. All of these factors make learning French a good idea for business and professional growth. No matter whether one wants to work in an NGO, as a pilot, or even as a journalist, the number of jobs where French can be helpful is seemingly endless.

It is important to understand that learning a new language like French can open up a whole new world of experiences and culture for a person. The importance of French is especially significant when it comes to culture. No matter whether one wants to watch award winning French movies or popular French raps, these experiences will certainly become much more rewarding for a person if they actually know the language. French is also a treasure trove of more “traditional” culture like fine art, music, and literature. Some of the most globally renowned painters, composers, artists, poets, and writers have hailed from the Francophone world.

Learning French can also prove to be advantageous for travel lovers. As they visit France for a holiday, they shall be able to speak to the local people, learn about their culture, ask questions, and have more enriching experiences on the whole.  Moreover, it is not just France where the knowledge of this language can be useful. In fact, many nations across Europe, Asia, and Africa have French as either a first or second language.

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