Importance of Investing in a Ship Ladder For Residential Use

There are ladders and then there are even more ladders. You are likely to be spoilt for choice when you try to find a good quality ship ladder for residential use today. It is natural to question the design and purpose of such a specialty ladder. It is indeed interesting to learn that such ladders had been introduced for facilitating maritime trade when ships and boats had been the primary modes of transportation. The ladders were designed with open risers and included treads with both sides being protected by a sturdy railing. Such ladders remained fixed to the ship and used by the sailors and/or passengers depending on the type of the ship.

Times have changed since then. You will therefore find no more takers for the conventional ship ladders inside water vessels today. However, the sturdy design and effective ladders have continued to be used with many other applications being discovered in time. You would therefore be pleased to source a ship ladder for household use as well.

There are various types of ladders available for home use. While a traditional straight ladder would be perfect for a lofty period home, the extension ladder or a step ladder serves the purpose admirably when you reside in a contemporary home. However, you have to invest in a ship ladder when trying to reach the corner of your attic, basement, or mezzanine floor. The ship ladder can be a perfect fit for your room which has no extra space. You can install the right ship ladder to meet all your goals without exception regardless of the size and shape of the narrow or exceedingly small room.

Features of a ship ladder for residential use

You will be amazed to know that the ship ladders have multiple functions and can be used to enhance both the interior and exterior of your home.  

·         Feel free to ask for a custom product and match the ladder with your home’s interior so that it becomes a part of your home decor while retaining its functionality

·         Having the ladder fixed to the living room does not become an eyesore when you cannot tell it apart from the decorative fixtures. Moreover, you can easily climb up to the loft above that serves as storage without having to send for a ladder or portable steps.

·         Having a ship ladder installed to the door of your attic will enable you to elevate the dusty, forgotten room into a studio or home office, or even a playschool should you desire it. The ladder you choose will let you achieve your objective without tiring you out.

·         Why be confined inside your home when the ship ladder can be used to do something much better? Go ahead and add another floor to that cabin in the woods courtesy of the ladder that allows you to concentrate on the tasks without letting you down.

Whether you use a ship ladder for residential use inside or outside the home, you must be certain to find out whether the ladder complies with OSHA safety standards before spending money on it.

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