Comparison of hydraulic lifting platform and simple freight lift

Many customers have a question when buying lifting equipment. Is it a simple or hydraulic lifting platform? Let's take a closer look at the pros and cons of both devices.

Comparison of hydraulic lifting platform and simple freight elevator

Comparison of hydraulic lifting platform and simple freight lift

1.The working principle of hydraulic lifting platform

hydraulic cargo elevator and simple cargo lift according to their elevator driver program.

  1. Hydraulic lift platform cargo elevator using hydraulic power unit, hydraulic cylinder as the main force to lift the cargo lift, hydraulic lift rail cargo lift problems, can immediately stop working, safety, increased stability, hydraulic power unit drive its carrier the ability is strong, can complete the transportation of large tonnage of goods.
  2. A simple lift by pulling a few ropes to complete the lift. Due to the tension of the cable, the elevator platform's tilt stability, poor safety, the traction force of the cable is limited, it can only be used to carry a small tonnage of goods, so the rope elevator is more and more replaced by the hydraulic guide elevator.

2. Safety Factors

If safety factors are not taken into account, the electric winch should be a simple lifting mechanism, commonly used in construction or factory temporary lifting work, the service life of the lift is limited, how to compare with the professional long-term operation of the hydraulic freight elevator? Have you ever thought that professional freight elevator equipment has overload problems, even emergency equipment?

3. Quote elements

If the proposal for a simple freight elevator and a hydraulic freight elevator lifting platform should be simple and inexpensive.


Finally, we recommend that our customers choose freight elevators, not only pay attention to the inexpensive price, we must think for a long time, some equipment is inexpensive and expensive, the maintenance speed of the hydraulic lifting platform cargo elevator is extremely low or even non-existent. .

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