Evan Bass Men's Clinic On How To Read More Books


It is a reader’s dream to be able to read 100 books a year. However, it is not always possible to read that many books within such a short time. Everyone is busy and people make time to read in this busy schedule. Yet, readers always have a target to meet. Reading more makes them feel creatively alive. It does not only look good on paper. Readers don’t do this to look good on social media. Readers target a certain number of books each year because they like to lose themselves in fictional worlds. However, balancing real life and reading life is not easy. Therefore, sometimes reading takes a backseat. But with a little effort, one can increase the number of books they read.

Evan Bass Men's Clinic On Reading More

Evan Bass Men's Clinic experts help people get more reading done by switching a few habits. It is amazingly easy to read more but due to distraction, people fail to meet their reading target. By setting aside distractions, one can increase book numbers miraculously. Those who are looking for ways to read more books will find the below-mentioned suggestions helpful.

Read Before Falling Asleep

People usually spend time on social media before they fall asleep. However, one can get a lot of reading done if one just makes a little adjustment. Instead of spending time on social media, one can read books. So, those who have lost touch with reading can have five minutes reading routine before going to bed. It will help them get started with reading again. With time they can increase the time. 

Daily Reading Target

Some readers have a daily reading target. Reading ten pages per day is easier than reading trying to read a whole book within a week. Breaking down target into chunks always help in reaching fast. So, experts encourage people to have a daily target. However, it is better to have a realistic target. Reading 100 pages daily may not be possible for everyone. 

Right After Waking Up

Some fail to manage time to read at night. They can set aside a few minutes for reading in the morning. It is easy to get a little reading done before the day starts to move. One does not have to dedicate hours to reading. Even setting aside 15 minutes of reading time helps in getting into the habit of reading. 

Carry a Book 

Readers carry at least one book with them all the time. They read while commuting. They read when stuck in a traffic jam or when waiting for a bus. If carrying a book is not possible, one can carry an e-reader all the time. E-readers are easier to accommodate because of the sleekness of the devices. Those who don’t possess an e-reader can download a reading application to their phone to read on the go. There are numerous options to follow if one really wants to read more.

Experts at Evan Bass Men's Clinic say that it is good for health to stay away from phones for a little while. 

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