CSK: Happy Fans, Excited Investors & Profiting Stockholders

They say you can’t keep everyone happy. However, Chennai Super Kings have proved them wrong in this IPL season. It has been a win-win for Chennai Super Kings in both fields and in the stock market. While the back-to-back incredible performance of the champions in the stadium has kept the fans overjoyed, the stock market is no different. CSK unlisted share price have been on an upward journey, and retail investors are finding more reasons to buy CSK stocks. 

Let’s take a closer look at how the Chennai Super Kings have excelled in both cricket and the share market in the past few years. 

Chennai Super King - Spectacular Performance On Ground

Chennai Super King has proved to be a champion team in the Indian Premier League over  sixteen years. Since IPL came into existence, the team has performed exceptionally well in all the seasons. Moreover, fans deeply believe in Chennai Super Kings and its skipper MS Dhoni. Therefore, if the team isn’t winning some matches, the fans know that CSK will make a comeback and qualify for the finals.

Out of the 14 IPL seasons CSK has played, it has managed to make it to the final in 10 seasons. The team was suspended for two IPL seasons due to the involvement of its owner in a match betting case. Moreover, Chennai Super Kings has an extraordinary success ratio and has managed to win 5 out of 10 finals it reached. Chennai Super Kings holds the first spot with Mumbai Indians for winning the most championships in the IPL. 

These are the reasons the fans never seem to lose faith in Chennai Super Kings. However, its investors and shareholders share the same sentiments when it comes to CSK’s performance in the stock market.

A Win-Win On Stock Market As Well

Chennai Super Kings has managed to keep the investors interested with an incredible revenue base. The franchise team has an extensive business model and generates income through myriad sources. In the past few years, the brand value of both IPL and CSK has climbed up the graph. Moreover, CSK is a leader when it comes to returns on investments. 

The growing brand value, extensive business model, and fast-growing valuation of CSK are why investors find it a top choice. They continue to invest in it since the return on investments is large. Let us look closely at these aspects and why CSK is a profitable business. 

Chennai Super Kings - Revenue & Business Model

Chennai Super Kings generate money from tremendous sources, which amounts to substantial revenue throughout the year. Especially during the IPL months, the team earns through media rights, uniform and kit sponsorships, promotions, prizes, and ticket sales. Although it is hard to get the latest figure of the valuation, the statistics from some years ago give a good idea of where CSK stands in the glamorous cricket league.

  • Chennai Super Kings generated Rs. 201.65 Crore from media rights in 2022.

  • Chennai Super Kings earns 20 to 30 percent of its total revenue from sponsorships.

  • IPL franchises like CSK generate more than 15 percent of their revenue from stadium ticket sales.

  • The team makes a colossal amount in merchandise sales, although the exact figure is unknown.

25 Percent YoY Growth For CSK Unlisted Shares, Valuation Touches Skies

Chennai Super Kings has been attracting investors owing to the increasing revenue collection from royalty, merchandise and sponsorships. Moreover, the investors' increasing interest in Chennai Super Kings has been pushing the share price in the past few years. During the IPL 2023, CSK unlisted shares touched the price range of Rs. 200 to 205, 25 percent higher than Rs. 160 to 165 in 2021. Chennai Super Kings valuation grew as a result and touched the mark of Rs. 6300 Crore.

The key shareholders of Chennai Super Kings include Radhakishan Damani of Avenue Supermart and Trustees of India Cements. Chennai Super Kings has approximately 308 million unlisted shares, the experts suggest. Around 5 to 7 percent of them are regularly traded in secondary markets.

CSK Share Price Today

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