5 Must-Have Equipment for the Streamers

Streaming is now one of the popular forms of entertainment and is getting more popular as YouTube gives content creators a platform to post their live streaming. And through the rise of YouTube, content creators across boundaries have started streaming games and other news and gaining popularity. 

Several needs are required in a streamer’s setup, and a person must consider various ergonomic equipment such as a monitor arm or North Bayou TV wall mount to place the screen comfortably. These requirements are essential when we consider the wellness of the streamer. 

Today we will discuss one of the streamers' burning issues: what kind of equipment they need to set up for a great quality streaming video. 

  1. High-Quality Microphone

You need a high-quality microphone to record your audio input properly for a successful stream. When you are streaming, your audio must sound clear and crisp to your audience. Any distortion or noise hampers the audio and decreases the audio quality. 

It’s better to choose USB or XLR microphone, which offers better sound quality and noise cancellation. It will ensure that what you have said is audible to the viewers. You can also use a pop filter and a windscreen to further reduce the noise of your audio. 

  1. Stable Internet connection

When you are in the business of streaming, you must ensure that you have an uninterrupted broadband connection. If you don’t have a stable internet connection, you can ensure that you will face frame drops and constant lag in your video will lower your audience's retention. It is best to upgrade to a high-speed internet plan to deliver stable internet with the required Mbps. 

If you are streaming in HD quality, you need a minimum of 8 Mbps speed to upload bits of your video. You can choose to have a wired ethernet connection which can further stabilize your system and make your stream more high quality in terms of frame rates. 

  1. Professional Webcam

It is a must when you are using your face in the video. It is essential to capture your expression, and the viewers can enjoy more engaging content as they can view the gameplay and the reactions more clearly.  

To do a more comfortable stream, you can set your webcam on the North Bayou tv wall mount and get clearer videos of your crew and video members. 

  1. Setup Stream deck

A stream deck or a control system is very useful for a professional streamer. It comes with customizable buttons to control different aspects of the stream. For example, you can use a control system if you want to launch different audio levels or a pre-programmed action. 

  1. Lighting

Set up the lighting so that your stream room is visible and will greatly impact background quality. You can install LED panels to make your face well-lit and reduce shadows. It will help you set the aesthetic you want for your stream.

Following these guidelines, you can set your streaming setup and capitalize on multiple video streaming platforms to gain followers. 

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