7 Surprising Uses of Decorative Laminates in Furniture Design

Decorative laminates often do not receive the recognition they deserve in the field of furniture design. Nevertheless, they present numerous options and can enhance the refinement and practicality of any furniture item. In this article, we will uncover seven unexpected ways in which decorative laminates are utilized in the realm of furniture design.

Cabinet Doors

Decorative laminates can turn regular cabinet doors into striking design features. Laminates offer a wide range of colours, patterns, and textures that can perfectly imitate the appearance of natural wood, stone, or metallic finishes. These surfaces offer both durability and scratch resistance, making them a great option for busy areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.


Laminates offer an excellent option for tabletops because of their strong resilience and effortless upkeep. These surfaces are capable of enduring spills, high temperatures, and scratches, thereby making them appropriate for residential as well as commercial environments. From elegant and simple styles to lively and attention-grabbing prints, laminates provide countless opportunities for designing one-of-a-kind and practical tabletops.

Wall Panels

Decorative laminates have the versatility to enhance the visual impact of accent walls or cover entire wall panels with stunning designs. They enhance the overall appearance and feel of any area by introducing variation in texture, creating a sense of dimension, and capturing one's attention visually. Laminates featuring wood or stone finishes offer the ability to introduce a natural element into indoor spaces, whereas striking designs and vibrant colours have the potential to become a standout feature in any given room. These products are also low-maintenance and effortless to keep clean, providing a practical solution for spaces that are susceptible to dirt and moisture.


Laminates offer a great option for designing shelves and bookcases. They can generate sleek and contemporary edges or inject a burst of vibrant colour into an otherwise neutral area. Laminates that have a shiny surface can bounce off light, giving the shelves a brighter and more expansive appearance. Furthermore, laminates provide long-lasting strength, guaranteeing that your shelves and bookcases can bear the load of books and various objects.

Drawer Fronts

Decorative laminates can add a modern and refreshed appearance to the front of any drawer. Laminates can quickly change the look of furniture items like dressers, nightstands, and kitchen cabinets. Laminates provide a diverse selection of options to suit various aesthetic preferences, encompassing both modern and traditional designs.

Closet Interiors

Laminates are a highly recommended option for the inside of wardrobes and closets. They offer a pristine and sleek surface that is effortless to clean and keep in good condition. Using laminates in a light or reflective shade can improve the visibility within the closet, simplifying the process of locating items. Furthermore, laminates can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the interior, giving it a contemporary and stylish appearance, thereby improving the overall design of the area.

Decorative accents

Lastly, laminate sheets have the potential to serve as attractive embellishments in furniture design. These can be utilized on borders, embellishments, or even as inserts to enhance a sense of refinement and sophistication. Using laminates with metallic finishes can give the furniture a high-end and glamorous appearance, whereas using textured laminates can bring a sense of depth and touchable intrigue to furniture pieces.


  • Decorative laminates in furniture design provide versatility as one of their key benefits. Thanks to technological advancements, laminates can now imitate the appearance and texture of different materials, including wood, stone, leather, and fabric. 

  • Additionally, decorative laminates possess practical advantages, rendering them appropriate for furniture design. These furniture pieces are perfect for frequent use and potential damage, as they can withstand moisture, stains, and scratches without being affected. The furniture's ability to withstand wear and tear guarantees that it will remain both visually appealing and useful.

In summary, decorative laminates provide a wide range of possibilities when it comes to designing furniture. Laminates can enhance the visual appeal and practicality of furniture, whether it be for cabinet doors, tabletops, wall panels, or decorative elements. When beginning your next furniture design project, don't overlook the innovative applications of decorative laminates and the untapped potential they possess.

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