Cosmetic Restoration in Children

Unfortunately, one of the problems that many children face from the very beginning of their childhood is the problems of tooth decay. And this problem will be more severe in children who drink milk a lot at night. It is possible that all the front teeth of the child in the age Too low to rot and change colors severely.

As a dentist at a cosmetic dental clinic in Newmarket states, this problem can prevent the beautiful smile of your beloved child and, at the same time, affect the child's self-confidence in kindergarten age.

Fortunately, it is possible to treat the caries of the front milk teeth, and this dental treatment for children can restore the lost beauty of the front teeth to the child. It will have a significant effect on improving the child's mood and self-confidence.

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The Effect of Cosmetic Restoration in Children on their Self-confidence

Cosmetic restoration in children is one of the services provided in pediatric and adolescent dentistry, which improves the inappropriate and bad appearance of teeth. Children's teeth usually look bad due to the following factors:

  • Failure to observe oral hygiene

  • Not going to the children's dentist and regular examination

  • Inappropriate feeding

  • Fracture and tooth decay

  • Blackening of teeth due to iron drops

  • Tooth discoloration

These factors embarrass children and isolate them; parents should take their children to a pediatric dentist to undergo cosmetic dental treatment.

Ways to Restore Beauty in Children

By restoring beauty in children, their self-confidence increases and makes their faces more beautiful. Children's dentists use the following methods for treatment in dentistry:

Repairing a Decayed Tooth Instead of Pulling it

Many parents believe that when a tooth is decayed, it should be pulled; while visiting a pediatric dentist, the pediatric dentist will treat the decay using glass ionomer or amalgam and composite after removing the decay.

Pediatric dentists suggest pulling decayed children's teeth when tooth decay has increased so much that it is not possible to repair it. In this way, tooth extraction prevents the spread of decay and infection.

Fixing the Discoloration of the Teeth with Veneers

Because children use some strengthening drugs during childhood, their teeth become discolored; sometimes, this condition is accompanied by blackening of the anterior teeth. In these cases, the pediatric dentist can treat children with brusage or cosmetic restoration. In more severe cases, restore the beauty of children's teeth.

As mentioned, due to the occurrence of various factors, such as non-observance of oral and dental hygiene, trauma, use of iron drops, etc., there is a possibility of changing the color of the teeth or creating colored spots on them. In these cases, parents should not be negligent about this issue because the change in the color of the teeth and the decrease in the beauty of the children's smile has caused a decrease in their self-confidence, and this issue has a direct effect on their morale so that many of them avoid being in the community.

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Denervation of Milk Teeth

Like permanent teeth, baby teeth have roots, crowns, and nerves; when the tooth decay has reached the pulp, the dentist removes the tooth decay with a pulpectomy. In this method, special materials are used to fill the milk tooth and restore it.

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