Boosting the Dental Health of Children

Their oral health significantly influences the general health and well-being of youngsters. Children's dental needs vary as they grow and mature. To support optimal dental health in newborns, kids, teenagers, and individuals with unique medical needs, pediatric dentists offer specialist services. Pediatric dentistry focuses on establishing lifelong healthy teeth and gums by treating patients both preventatively and restoratively.

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The Significance of Baby Teeth

As a dentist for kids near New Westminster describes, many parents believe that their newborn teeth don't need much care because they fall off. On the other hand, permanent teeth erupt from baby teeth. They permit healthy chewing, speech development, and the formation of the face structure. The growth of permanent teeth may be adversely affected by decayed or broken baby teeth. Long-term dental health is improved by routine cleanings and timely care when problems occur. 

Fluoride and Sealants

Two common preventive treatments used in pediatric dentistry are fluoride and sealants. Fluoride strengthens developing tooth enamel, reducing acid damage from plaque that causes decay. Fluoride is applied through topical treatments in dental offices, at-home topical gels, and toothpaste. Dental sealants provide a plastic coating over molars, protecting pits and grooves from trapped bacteria and food. Getting sealants placed when molars erupt around ages 6 and 12 prevents 80% of decay.

Child-Friendly Environment

The dental office environment is tailored to help kids feel comfortable, including decorations with bright colors/characters. Communication methods are adapted to age level with clear language and visual demonstrations of procedures. Parents are encouraged to stay during exams and procedures to ease anxiety. Distraction techniques like books, videos, and reward systems divert attention from potentially stressful situations. These approaches promote trust between dentist and patient.

Oral Habits and Emergencies

Kids explore the world through touch and taste, so oral habits like thumb-sucking, nail-biting, and using pacifiers frequently develop. While often self-limiting, some habits persist, causing bite misalignment or palate changes requiring intervention. Accidents also lead to lost/chipped teeth, requiring quick response to save teeth. Pediatric dentists address habits, provide emergency treatment guidance to parents, and manage trauma cases.

Specialized Services

General dentists refer patients to pediatric specialists when oral health needs exceed their capabilities. Pediatric dentists pursue additional training to manage dental aspects of congenital disorders like clefts, pediatric cancers, and complex medical conditions. They may utilize sedation methods for those unable to cooperate due to behavior, anxiety, physical/intellectual disability, or extensive treatment requirements. These services ensure all children have access to appropriate oral health care.

Well-Child Checkups

The timing and sequencing of tooth eruptions, as well as the symmetry of the jaws, are evaluated during routine pediatric dental exams. Through screenings, deficits can be addressed early on, reducing the need for more involved care later on. To improve results, prophylactic procedures, cleanings, and instruction in dental hygiene are given. Early encounters that blend learning with good feelings encourage a desire to keep receiving treatment.

Dentist for kids near New Westminster

Interdisciplinary Care

Pediatric dentists function on interdisciplinary teams with pediatricians, orthodontists, speech pathologists, and other ancillary providers. Developmental disorders with oral/dental effects like Autism are combined across specialties for comprehensive care. Pediatric dentists recognize oral manifestations of systemic diseases and make referrals to address the underlying issue. They also advocate regarding access and policy issues surrounding children's oral health.

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