High-Precision Pneumatic Nut Runner Machine For Industrial Bolts


Pneumatic Torque Wrench is widely called as nutrunner comes under the industrial torque wrench attributes. These are the complete series of tools that are useful for lightening the nuts, screws, and bolts. These are also suitable for extensively saving more time in the process. Compared to the standard wrenches, the highly efficient torque wrenches will be capable of applying a better level of torque. It is one of the reasons for using the torque wrenches.

Faster Bolt Tightness:

The main reason for using the Pneumatic Torque Wrench is that it provides a quick solution for tightening the bolts. Operators can easily ensure the quick completion of the task. The nut runner machine is also called the planetary torque multiplier, which has a gearbox coupled with a pneumatic air motor.


Normally, the planetary torque multiplier gearbox involves the multiplication ratios. So they can be easily used anytime in the most accurate manner. It delivers the torque to the highest level for quick tightening of the bolts and nuts. Pneumatic torque wrenches are quite different when compared to the standard impact wrench. These are also known for the highest level of precision for the torque.

When To Use ANutrunner?

The highly efficient Pneumatic torque wrenches are used in many number of heavy construction industries. These are highly significant options for easily tightening the nuts or bolts with certain kinds of specifications. These have been used in varied industries such as power generation, railroad, mining, steel, manufacturing, and many others.

Normally, the gearbox involves unique reaction devices that are suitable for absorbing torque. These also allow the operators to easily use them even with little effort. It gives a fantastic torque output, and the process can also be easily adjusted by controlling air pressure to the highest extent. Nutrunners are suitable for every situation where to tighten the bolts and screws.

Difference Between A Pneumatic Torque Wrench And A Standard Impact Wrench:

The nut runners also use high-end pneumatic power. It is completely the safer option for easily enabling jobs such as gases, chemicals, liquids, and many more. These are also quite different when compared to the standard impact wrench. The main difference is pneumatic torque wrenches are driven using continuous gearing and also hammering impact wrenches. These also involve necessary torques, which are handled by gearboxes.

Having the complete reaction arm is also a suitable option for getting the reaction contact, such as the strong metallic surface or even the nuts. The pneumatic torque wrench, along with the standard impact wrench, is similar in appearance. The pneumatic nut runner machine has been used widely in the industry with continuous gearing. A standard impact wrench is also called an air wrench. These also build the power with rotating mass.

Critical Torque Specification:

These pneumatic nut runner also release the small increments, or even called the hammers on the shafts. It can also be applied to the critical torque specification for extensive bolting. This nutrunner also creates a better range of stability to the highest level with lower vibration levels. Many people also use these for accuracy with a better range of torque.

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