Things to be considered for SMS Gateway Provider

One of the most general questions asked by traders is how to pick a rightpayment gateway. In the realm of electronic commerce, a payment gateway is the term that is used to define an application service provider that approves and proceeds electronic payments between his customer, merchant, the customer’s credit card-issuing bank and even merchant’ s own bank.

Then there is sms gateway too. You can get the Best sms gateway provider in India once you look around, do comparison and make a choice. There are different types of procedures and things in different service providers. For some SMS gateway providers, the SMS messages orcredits  bought can only be used inside a specific period. After that period the SMS messages or credits will expire and cannot be used any more. In case you pick an SMS gateway provider that levies such restriction, you must be more conservative when approximating the amount of SMS circulation of your SMS application.

Find out the network coverage

There is another important factor of network coverage. It is an important factor that you need to consider. As it is possible that an SMS gateway provider cannot deliver SMS texts to your SMS application's targeted nations or mobile operators. You can often find a full list of the supported nations and mobile operators on the web site or official document of an SMS gateway provider.It is vital to take this thing into consideration. You cannot simply pick a service provider and regret later on. You have to be specific about the option you pick and then make the decision accordingly. There is no point of signing an agreement and then later on regretting about certain things.

However, it has to be noted that the network coverage web page might not be updated. Even if the page is updated, some of the SMS gateway providers won’t guarantee that you can surely send SMS messages to a specific mobile operator listed on their network coverage website page. It is due to the reality that an SMS message might be directed to other gateways not regulated directly by the SMS gateway providers themselves.

Apart from all these things,it should be taken into consideration that for some SMS gateway providers, SMS texts cannot reach mobile phone numbers that have actually been ported between different mobile operators. There are of course various SMS gateway providers whogive new users a couple of free SMS messages. You can make use of them to test the SMS gateway provider's network coverage.

Quality of the provider

A couple of SMS gateway providers cater a low price per SMS message, but the quality of their network is poor and an SMS message might not reach its destination, or the sms might only reach  a destination after a long delay. So, make sure to test the network quality. Many SMS gateway providers cater a tiny amount of free SMS messages to fresh users. You can make use of them to test the quality.


Thus, it would be good if you pick a sms payment gateway India provider after keeping all these things into consideration.