Top Dog Breeds With White Fur

Dogs are perhaps the cutest pets that one can ever have! Everything about them just oozes cuteness, right from their puppy dog eyes to their happy wagging tails!
But if you are a big fan of fluffy white dogs, we have put together a list of popular dog breeds for you to see!
We have created two categories to help you choose your favourite one! These are divided into long-haired and short-haired dogs!

Let’s take a look at these cute pooches!


The Pomeranian and The German Spitz

The Pomeranian and the German Spitz, both come from the same family and are two such breeds that are overly attached to their owners. A lot of efforts are required to maintain their fur so that it remains free of tangles always.
But, it has been observed that pet parents often enjoy grooming their furry friend! Once they’ve figured out how to service their clippers, then it’s pretty smooth from there.
You’ll also see cream or caramel colour coats in some of these breeds but of course these pooches look stunning in white.

The West Highland White Terrier

The West Highland White Terrier, also known as Westie is a dog that is very active and lively. They possess a strong personality and because of it they don’t allow strangers to boss them around.
According to breeders, its coat isn’t exactly white but a rather light sandy colour. However, the Westie made it to our list as its colour often appears white!

The  White Swiss Shepherd or The Berger Blanc Suisse

The White Swiss Shepherd is a dog that is sturdy and quite muscular. And of course, one of their key and captivating attributes is their brilliant white fur! They are prominently known as canines that have thick and dense fur that suits cold temperatures.

The Maltese

A really cute house dog, the Maltese is a breed that is fairly intelligent. They share a strong bond with their pet parent and they are known to feel depressed if they experience negligence. Their long-haired fur requires quite a bit of attention while grooming but they make up for it all with their warm cuddles!
The German Spitz has the classic white fur, but you’ll find hints of caramel and cream in their coat making them look like butterscotch ice-cream!

The Samoyed

Because of it’s brilliant and appealing white coat, the Samoyed has always made its presence felt. This breed is at times really stubborn and it prefers being independent but it is also really affectionate and great with kids. Moreover, it looks super cuddly as well!


The Whippet

The Whippet is perhaps the most popular greyhound in the UK with short hair. They are very vivacious and sporty with legs that are long and thin.
At times, they're rather timid but they’re very loving and prefer to not fight not to mention, they literally worship their pet parent. These are often seen in white, but you can find Whippets that are brown, grey and black as well.

The Jack Russell

The Jack Russell is perhaps one of the most active and energetic dog out there. These were initially bred for hunting purposes as they didn’t tire out easily. Training them can be very challenging. However, they are extremely fun and very cheeky.
Their coat is usually white with a splash of brown here and there, but you’ll also find Jack Russells that are white all over!

The Bull Terrier

Always labelled as aggressive, the Bull Terrier is a dog that is very enthusiastic, courageous and loving! This breed is very active and it requires a lot of attention.
Their coat is rather short but very thick to the touch with a bit of glossy look. Completely white Bull Terriers are often chosen for competitions, but they can also have black and brown markings on their coat.

The English Bulldog

The English Bulldog is rather stocky with short legs and is popular as a watchdog. This breed is known for being very courageous and extremely loyal to their owners. Their coat is generally white and it is usually peppered with brown or caramel stains. However, you can also find an English Bulldog that is fully white!
With this, we wrap up our list of white dog breeds! We hope it gives you the insight you needed to choose the perfect white dog for yourself!