The Popular Apps at a Glance

In modern era, when everything has gone digital, The experience of dating is a real delight for young minds. To locate the perfect match for your needs is never an easy task. But to meet people via an app with a single tab is an experience in itself. Till a few years back computers were the only tool for social engagement, mobile apps with a sleek appearance provides a unique opportunity for users.

The best place to look for these dating apps is 9apps download 2018. Within a short span of time they have gone on to emerge as one of the best domains to download the apps. Let us flip through them as follows


Termed as a signature app Tinder has gone on to become popular all over the world. You can download new profiles every time and if you are interested in a person you can swipe right. For showing disinterest in a person you can swipe left. Not only for casual hook up, is this app for serious relationships. Other notable features are mutual friends and even with your matches you can chat instantly.


A unique experience of provided by allowing you to interact with people whom you really like. This app gains access to your locations and enables you to touch base with like -minded individuals in your area. Pretty much like Tinder you can like or unlike someone by swiping left or right. With an amazing feature of crush you can convey to a person that you like them. Even it is possible to formulate secret likes.


Rated to an outstanding app, they have nearly 370 million profiles from across 190 countries. Unique methods are part of this app in order to figure out to locate a suitable match in your area.A better option would be to opt for the premium version of this app, as phone based verification and pictures are provided to give it an authentic look. To enjoy the super -rich features the users can subscribe to super powers. You do have an option to chat with verified users and when you are offline you can browse profiles.


This app is similar to Tinder in a lot of ways. You are able to locate dates and friends in your region. But a point to remember is that this is a women oriented app and allows a lady to make the first move. Once a couple of persons connect a lady has to initiate a conversation. By this app there are no vulgar messages and within 24 hours you can find your perfect date.

Merely 24 hours are provided to a person and after that the connection disappears. Even for friendship the same situation occurs, but if you are given 24 hours extension if you desire. A unique feature of BFF is provided for individuals who are looking to enrich their friend’s cycle.
These are some of the popular apps.