SMS Gateway and its functioning

There are times when one wants to communicate through text message only and not over the call as the information is supposed to be short. You too must have sent text message many times to your contacts. But have you ever thought about is functioning? Here in this blog, we will discuss SMS, SMS Gateway for marketing and its working.

SMS or short message service is a widely used type of text messaging and is also one of the oldest technologies to send a text message. It uses standardized communication protocols to allow mobile phones to exchange short text messages. It became easy for the users to send and receive messages of up to 160 characters to and from the GSM mobiles.

SMS is also a widely used medium for direct marketing in today’s world. Many of the businesses use text messages to promote their brand and products to attract customers. And to use it as the medium of business one needs the help of SMS gateway.

A text message gateway allows a computer to send and receive text messages to and from an SMS capable device over the global telecommunications network. The SMS Gateway helps in translating the text sent and makes it compatible for delivery to a fixed group of contacts.

An SMS gateway is a facility frequently used by the companies to instantly send information to any of the GSM mobile numbers in the world. It is also a cost-effective way of marketing. The text message gateway functions by connecting the server to the client database. The SMS gateway software then transforms the data into SMS format and delivers the message to a set of mobile phone numbers.

Talking about its working, the programmer will help you connect to the gateway using an application programmer’s interface and use any of the computer programming languages for the usage of the gateway and send messages. An SMS API is a well-developed software interface that allows the code to send short messages through an SMS gateway. The businesses more often use SMS APIs to 'bridge the gap' between telecommunications carrier networks and the wider web. They are utilized to enable web applications to smoothly send and receive text messages through logic written for standard web frameworks.

This technology has helped many of the companies to inform their customers about their products and services in a single go with a properly typed text SMS without wasting much of the money. SMS gateways have turned out to be the best option in the field of marketing in terms of promoting brands and products for many of the budding firms.

For the growth of your business and its marketing, you can contact the best SMS gateway provider in India. To help you in attracting customers the providers will serve you with the best SMS gateways according to your business and requirement. You can search online about the best gateway providers and the prices they are offering along with the services before approaching anyone.