After the age of 40, women will do these exercises for 10 minutes to keep their hips tight.


If you are a woman of 40 and want to keep your hips tight, then do these exercises only 10 minutes daily.

With increasing age, the body of women begins to hang and become stubborn. Particularly around the abdomen, the skin of the arms and hips start hanging. Thumb limbs are very bad to see because these organs seem to be hanging separately on the body. However, with increasing age it is somewhat difficult to shape the body of women. There is nothing strange in this but it is simple biology. But this does not mean that it is impossible to bring the body into shape. You can add some exercise to your routine and bring your body in shape even in old age. Today, we are telling you about some exercises that make hips tight for women after the age of 40. By doing these exercises only 10 minutes daily, you can make the hips, thighs and back strong. Many women like me have tried these exercises so do not think but start doing it from today itself.

Squat jack

Squat jacks are like jumping jacks. It works on the core and glutes and this exercise can be called a calorie-burning powerhouse.

·        Start this exercise by standing and holding both your hands together.

·        The hands should be close to your chest.

·        Make a squat position with your body, so that the gubble comes between your legs.

·        At this points your back should be in a straight position and your head and chest should be facing upwards.

·        When you reach the bottom position, use your elbow so that you can push your knees out.

·        You come back to the old position. Do this exercise in 10 sets.

In and out jack

·        To do this exercise, first of all stand up and bend your feet slightly from your knees.

·        Engage your core and glutes as well and maintain your knees with hips and feet.

·        Go downstairs, spreading your arms and knees.

·        Then, while going upwards, close the legs and move your hands upwards.

·        Do this at least 10 times.


Frog jump

As you must have understood from the name itself, to do this exercise you have to jump like a frog. It is very easy and effective exercise. For this, neither you need to go to the gym nor any kind of equipment, you can do it in just a little open space. But this reduces the fat of your body rapidly and doing it makes the hips tight. Women of old age can also do this easily.

·        To do this, first come to the squat position.

·        Stay in a sitting posture on the ground and both hands should be forward.

·        Now jump into the air and tap on the heel.

·        If you find this movement difficult, then place the hands behind the head.

·        Do the position in which you feel comfortable, but do not stop.

Planck leg races

·        To do this exercise, first, come to the position of the planks.

·        Then put the full weight of the body on your elbows and toes.

·        While doing this your face should be straight.

·        Slowly raise one leg straight backwards.

·        While raising the hips, your back should be straight.

·        Hold in this position for 15–30 seconds.

·        Repeat this exercise with the help of the other leg.


If you also feel hips hanging, then by doing these 4 exercises, you can easily tighten your hips. Women in the age of 40 can easily do these exercises at home.

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