Cargo Handling Tips For A Safe & Secure Loading


There is endless machinery available in the market today that has decreased the amount of manually driven work in cargo loading and unloading. However, human input and precision still play an important role in cargo handling. 

Cargo handling is surely a very critical task. Therefore, it becomes really important for each person connected with the handling process to know all the crucial points and be safe and secure at the dock, alongside ensuring the safety of all the other people around them.

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       Use The Right Protection Equipment: Wearing the right safety equipment and knowing how to handle the same is of utmost importance while moving cargo. Using the right kind of safety harness, shoes, helmet, and all the other necessary equipment can save your life if any human or machine error occurs while handling the cargo. Another important thing that needs to be cross-checked before initiating cargo movement is the right placement and use of cargo lashing equipment.

       Know The Right Use Of Lifting Equipment: Cargo handling requires the use of a whole lot of equipment, including cargo lashing equipment, hooks, forklifts, cranes, and many others. If you are going to be handling any lifting equipment, you need to have advanced knowledge about that particular equipment, starting from its handling to maintenance. You must also be capable of spotting any kind of hazard which may transform into an accident.

       Stay Away From The Hoisted Cargo: One of the most common reasons behind accidents in cargo handling has been people standing below or around lifted cargo. Firstly, the operator needs to ensure that he transfers the cargo through a non-pedestrian path, and secondly, everyone at the site needs to be aware of not standing near a hoisted cargo to prevent hitting any kind of load. Also, it is always better to clearly mark the loading path and make it a no-man zone to ensure that you are not inviting any kind of accident while moving cargo.

       Ensure Clean And Efficient Visibility: If you feel that your visibility is getting restricted due to any of the reasons, including improper weather, poor lighting, or restricting objects, take the necessary steps to ensure proper visibility and only then continue with your work. If required, inform your superior and delay your work till the time proper visibility is ensured for effective and error-free handling.

Apart from all the tips mentioned above, there are various other steps that you need to be careful about while handling cargo. A small mistake can cause endless financial damage and could turn out to be hazardous for human life.

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