How To Select The Best Spill Pad?

If you have a garage or other workspaces where you deal with various liquids, then spillage is quite common. However, it is essential to keep your employees safe along with protecting the environment. You should also focus on reducing the prevention of downtime and comply with the regulations associated with spillage control.

One of the best ways to prevent spillage is by using spill kits. There is a wide range of spill kit choices available and choosing the right one among them can get very overwhelming. To select the best ones according to your needs, you can think about answers to the following questions- it would make your choice easier.

Type Of Liquid

It is essential to consider the type of liquid used at your workplace and what is prone to spillage to select your ideal spill pad. Often the liquids are characterised as corrosive and non-corrosive; you would have to know what type of liquid you are using and then buy a spill kit accordingly. 

For example, pads used for oil spills are different from the ones used for hazardous chemical spills. They are made to tackle the corrosive liquid and reduce the hazardous vapour associated with the concerned chemical.

Volume Of The Liquid

Depending on the size of the largest container you are using, choose your pad accordingly.  If you have less spillage then buying a big spill pad would be a total waste. So, you would need to consider this before making the choice.

Usage And Storage

You would need to consider where the pad would be used, indoors or outdoors, to make the right selection. You would also have to decide whether you need a portable kit or a stationary one. If you want to keep the pad where you always get spillage, then the stationary pads would do. However, if you want to move the pads to suitable locations according to the spill, go for the portable choices. Choose certified products and the ones that come with good quality. 


Once you have all the above points sorted, you will get a list of pads that would fulfil your preferences. Now choose the one with good quality and that suits your budget. Do not choose the cheap one only because it costs less, you will eventually end up paying a lot more in the long run. 

It is essential to take proper precautions against spillage as soon as it occurs. Or else, it might not only put your employees at risk but is also hazardous to the environment. The right choice of mat would depend on your choices and preferences. Once the selection, start using it right away to improve the working conditions at your workplace.

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